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Zusatzakku Power Bank für Fahrrad - Mit Fahrradhalterung - iPhone, iPad & Android kompatibel

Artikelnummer: FSET-10101

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  • Zusatzakku Kapazität: 4 000 mAh
  • Stromversorgung: 1 USB Anschluss, 5V /2.1A
  • Kompakt und beständig
  • Mit Fahrradhalterung
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    External battery Power Bank 4,000 mAh - Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android

    The PowerBank 4,000 mAh battery is compatible with all USB, micro USB and Lightning charged devices and allows you to charge batteries of your gadgets. This durable external battery features great autonomy, so you will always have enough power at hand!

    High capacity

    A reliable battery guarantees highly efficient protection from overloads, voltage surges and short circuits. This 4,000 mAh external battery automatically detects your device and adapts the charging current in dependence on it.
    Such “smart” voltage selection will allow it to charge your phone, tablet or any other device much faster.

    When you do not use the battery, it automatically switches into the sleep mode to save power.

    Versatile external battery

    The battery is compatible with wide choice of devices: Android and iPhone smartphones, iPads, Samsung tablets, digital cameras, laptops, etc.

    Unsurpassed strength

    Since this battery is specially designed for outdoor usage, you can take it with you to various open air activities. Thanks to the ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) rubber coating, it is resistant to shocks, vibration, bad weather conditions, or even to possible falls from height. Thus, you can take it and use it in wide variety of situations.

    Necessary accessory

    In order to keep connection during sport activities, this backup battery will be your excellent assistant! Since the model is completed with an adjustable mount, you can install it on any wheel or a bicycle frame.

    Simple in usage and charging!

    To charge your device, just connect it to the USB connector of the external battery. Charging of your device will start automatically.
    As for the external battery itself, you can easily check its charge level by means of 3 light indicators:
    - When all 3 lights are on, charge of the external battery is in the range of 70-100%,
    - When 2 lights are on, charge of the external battery is in the range of 40-70%,
    - When only one indicator is on, it means that the battery charge is in the range of 10-40%.
    - If the charge level is below 10%, the indicator light will flash until it turns off completely.
    To charge the external battery itself, use a charging cable from the scope of supply: connect it to a computer or a power outlet (via an adapter). Note, that such AC adapter is not included into the scope of supply.

    EAN-Code 5407004598697
    Herstellerreferenz 337828
    Marke ARPSTAR
    Kompatible Geräte Digital Gerät, Smartphone, Tablet
    Batterie Typ Lithium-Ionen (Li-ion)
    Batteriekapazität 4 000 mAh
    Ladezeit 2,5 Stunden mit 2,1 A / 5 Stunden mit 1 A
    Betriebsanzeige Ja
    Eingang 5 VDC / 2 A
    Ausgang 5 VDC / 2.4 A
    Schnittstelle(n) USB
    Material(ien) ABS (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol), Gummi, Metall
    Farbe(n) Schwarz
    Besonderheiten Überstromschutz / Überlastungschutz / Niederspannungschutz / Kurzschlussschutz / Schnellladung durch 2,4 A Ausgang / Kann auf einem Rohr mit einem Durchmesser von 18 bis 35 mm festgestellt werden
    Produktgewicht 158,8 g
    Produktabmessungen 109 x 38 mm
    Packungsinhalt 1 Power Bank, 1 Fahrradhalterung, 1x 0.5 m USB Ladekabel, 2 Verbindungsstück aus Kautschuk, 2 Spannbügel und Halterung.
    Bruttogewicht 315 g
    Verpackungsabmessungen 224 x 127 x 46 mm
    Bescheinigung(en) CE
    Werksgarantie 1 jahr