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    For a successful back-to-school season, it is necessary to be well prepared and organized. First day of school means school supplies list associated with numerous money expenses: files, folders, diaries, sleeves, pencils, pens… the supplies list can be very long and expensive. That’s why itec-pro offers you a wide range of office and stationery supplies and equipment suitable for all your needs and available at attractive price. Even if they don’t appear on your list, we recommend you to purchase a minimum of basic supplies which are essential to basic course, middle and high-school pupils and students as well. We advise you to take this list in consideration:

    • Pencils and propelling pencils
    • Blue, green, red and black pens
    • 1 Eraser
    • 1 Diary
    • A4 paper sheet
    • Notebooks (format has to be adapted according to the age, prefer small formats for young pupils
    • Folders and files (in order to classify by school subjects)
    • Highlighter pens (to highlight the fundamental notes)


    For a successful organization of your work, it is advisable to separate every subject by means of notebooks, files or sleeves. To order your documents is the key of an effective organization and for valuable time saving. Every subject: literature, mathematics, history, foreign language… needs its own holder according to needs of use and the documents you need. If you often use some kind of documents, it may be preferable to classify them in an arch file or a sleeve and not to stick them. A transparent plastic pouch can easily be inserted in an arch file or a 4-ring binder. Moreover, for an optimal organization of your work, we advise you to assign one color to every school subject. This filing system is highly appreciated by teachers of basic courses because it allows quick and simple subject identification.


    No success at school without a good working organization! Anticipate the all the teacher’s requests and take your work further as soon as it is possible. The earlier your homework is begun, the more time and reflection you can dedicate to it, in order to produce quality work. Do not hesitate to write down all the tasks to be achieved on a calendar. In addition, do not forget to organize your workspace in order to always have easy access to all your necessary equipment: pens, rulers, paper sheet… Find yourself a quiet place to do homework like a bedroom or an office room and ban all kind of unnecessary distraction like music, television and most of all mobile phone, which may be risk of concentration disturbing. At last, do not forget to take care of your important documents and of papers you may be able to use several times: timetable, data sheets, labels… on that purpose, just check our thermal laminator machine with cold or hot lamination, which can be used to help conserving your documents and protecting them from stains, water splashes, tearing and folding…



    A ring binder is the essential folder for an effective classification of loose-leaf paper, and to never lose a document anymore. In addition, by using a divider it is possible to separate the different subjects. A ring binder allows a more convenient classification than a notebook because you can arrange your document according to your wishes. Before buying your ring binder, just figure out the format and the number of paper sheet you want to put in. Also pay attention to the number of rings included in the binder, several types are available: 2, 3, 4 or 6 rings. Just focus on 2 ring binders if you are looking for the most affordable or the most appropriate for small content, or prefer 4 ring binders, the standard ones, which are also reinforced for a perfect document holding. Take also in consideration the material of the binder. Check out on itec-pro, our selection of ring binders with various colors. You can find ring binders made of cardboard and made of polypropylene. Cardboard is the most affordable material whereas polypropylene ensures better resistance.


    Much lighter than a ring binder, the sorter has the benefit of reducing the children’s school bag weight. It is very convenient and features several compartments in order to carry with you different documents (sheets, lessons…) in various subjects. This stuff is suitable for children in middle school age on condition of abiding by following rules: the sorter must indeed be daily updated and must contain only the necessary documents. The outdated paper sheets have to be classified in the corresponding storage files. Your office and stationery supplier Itec-pro offers a wide range of A4 sorters with 13 compartments. Equipped with a carry-on handle, they ensure easy storage and quick access to all your type of documents.


    A display book is very convenient to classify your documents in an easy way, by protecting them from dust, water splashes and stains. The display book is versatile and ideal to realize beautiful presentations: it is perfectly suitable for a class presentation. The first advantage of this product is that it allows going through and easily checking documents without needing to take them out of the sleeves. You can position sheets back to back or face to face according to your needs. On itec-pro, we have a wide selection of display books with 30 sleeves, in A4 format (21 X 29,7 cm) made of polypropylene, and available in various colors: blue, yellow, green, pink, orange, purple…


    The essential accessory to protect your paper sheets, the document sleeve is ideal to save all kind of papers. It allows a big quantity of document storage while taking only little place in your child’s school bag. We recommend you to insert into it all the work in progress, the documents that need to be signed or validated as well as your done homework, so that it stay in perfect condition without folding nor stain. Once the documents are no more useful, we advise you to classify them as quickly as possible in a file or a binder. In addition, it is possible to insert a ruler or a square into it, so that they will not be damaged at the bottom of the school bag. In order to meet all your requirements, we offer you a wide selection of document sleeves: A4 with swiveling clamp, A4 with corner lock, Document sleeve with elastic closure, document sleeve made of cardboard… We also offer classification boxes in A4 format with a back width of 30 mm or 50 mm made of polypropylene or made of cardboard. They are ideal for archiving in large quantities. A box with a thickness of 30 mm can contain 250 A4 sheets and a box of 50 mm can hold up to 500 pages.