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The basic set of tools for DIY workers !

In order to achieve all your DIY projects at home, it is essential to own the right equipment! There are indeed a few necessary tools you need to use for hanging a picture frame, fixing a bookshelf, assembling furniture, wallpapering a room or for removing your flooring. There is no need to transform your garage or workshop into a DIY store, you just have to choose the essential tools.


If there is an important item to purchase at first if you want to create your own DIY equipment,the toolbox is this one! This box allows you to gather and to store all your tools at the same place. A toolbox is necessary in order to have them always at hand by starting your Do-It-Yourself works. Opt for a toolbox which is convenient to use, equipped with a lid, with handles and with multiple compartments to organize and store your hardware (screws, nuts, points, bolts, plugs…). With this box, you will save a precious time and achieve your works effectively, you will not spend your time any more by looking desperately for your screwdriver, for your points, for your spirit level or your ribbon measures as well. Moreover, as it is very easy to transport, you can readily take it with you at any place.



A screwdriver is an essential tool for every Do-It-Yourself worker! It is necessary to use it to screw, unscrew, but it can also be used in numerous situations and can help you to open a paint can for example! There are plenty of different screwdrivers with different sizes, head shapes and materials.

With its cross shaped head, this screwdriver is specifically suitable for screws with cross section configuration.
As suggested by its name, this screwdriver can be used to drive a slotted screw head. It is the most common screwdriver.
A Torx screwdriver can be used for screws characterized by a 6-point star-shaped pattern, requiring a stronger tightening.

A hand saw,also known as panel saw, is used for precise, straight and sharp wood cutting, such as paneling wood, laminate wood, plywood…
For a more precise and accurate cutting, opt for a hand saw with fine teeth.
For a faster but perhaps unrefined and rougher cutting, opt for hand saw with a big set of teeth.To be sure that the hand saw fits in your toolbox, be sure to buy one with a maximal length of 450 mm.

A hacksaw is essential for cutting metallic parts, made of iron, of aluminium, of copper… it consists of a C-shaped metallic frame that holds a blade under tension and which is interchangeable.

To achieve accurate cutting of wood cleats, wood skewers, edge banders, wood mouldings… we recommend you to use a mitre box. Indeed, by using a mitre box, you will easily get 45 degree or 90 degree cuts by simply putting the part to cut into the box, placing the cut in line with the appropriate slot and driving the saw blade back and forth into the slot to follow.

A hammer is the best companion and one of the most popular tools for achieving DIY works.Machinist hammers, claw hammers, riveting hammers, …. there are numerous types of hammers suitable for all your needs and types of works.

For the toughest industrial jobs, you can use a machinist’s hammer , for example with a fiberglass handle to absorb shock vibrations and reduce user’s fatigue.

If you don’t own any pincers to pull out nails, you can do it with a claw hammer as well (also called carpenter’s hammer)

A riveting hammer comes with a flat face and cross peen and is used for driving rivets and beating metal parts, such as screws, bolts. The domed face is ideal for light forming in non-ferrous metals.

IThere are numerous kinds of pliers : for various purposes: side-cutting pliers, needle-nose pliers, combination pliers, slip joint pliers, pincers… each with a specific function.

Cutting pliers are pliers intended for cutting small objects like nails, electric wires, pins…
Needle-nose pliers are both cutting and holding pliers.
Adjustable pliers are suitable for tightening flat and round parts.
Combination pliers are multi-purpose pliers which can be used for cutting, gripping and holding.

A wrench or a spanner is the most suitable tool for providing grip or turning objects: bolts, screws, rotary fasteners…

In order to guard against all eventualities, we advise you to tool up with an adjustable spanner, an open-end spanner and combination wrenches.

An adjustable spanner
is a smart spanner. It can indeed be used with different sizes of fastener heads thanks to its movable jaw.
Open-end spanners or open-end wrenches are often double-ended spanners with different sizes of U-shaped openings. This is the essential tool for releasing or tightening bolts, during your mechanical or plumbing and sanitary works.
A combinaison wrench is a double-ended tool featuring one open-end spanner and one ring spanner. A ring spanner is particularly designed to grip a nut or bolt head.
A snap-off utility knife is a very convenient and multi-purposed tool. It is essential for cardboard cutting, box opening, carpet laying, wallpapering, cutting PVC floor…
Opt for snap-off blade knife with non-slip handle to ensure a safe work and storage after use.
Thanks to its small size, this tool will easily find its place in your pocket and remain at hand, avoiding you valuable time wasting.
A spirit level or bubble level is an essential tool designed to check whether a surface is horizontal or vertical before doing your work. If you have to fix a book shelf, a picture frame or a mirror on the wall, to fix wall paneling or lay stone floor, you will need a spirit or bubble level in any case.
This tool is very easy to use, you just have to place it on the surface you want to check and the bubble located between the two lines will show if the surface is horizontal or vertical.
A measuring tape or tape measure is an unavoidable tool to realize all measurements and dimensions checks. Choose a self-retracting measuring tape with metal case in order to help keep the measure tape safe. 

A clamp is a fastening tool used to hold, tighten or secure objects together. Fixed on a workbench, they prevent movement and hold items which you need to drill, to cut or to weld. Furthermore, they allow maintaining together two stuck items during all the time of drying. For an optimal tightening, we advise you to buy clamps by pairs.
Once your toolbox is filled with the essential accessories and well organized, you simply need to purchase the necessary power toolsin order to achieve all types of works according to your wishes. In this case, there are also a few essential power tools to buy to meet your wishes. Do not let yourself be tempted by the wide range of products available! The most important thing is to choose the most versatile power tools and not to fill your workspace with tools you will never use again.

This power tool is probably the most convenient one and the motorized tool you may use the most often. With this power tool, you will be able to drill in any material: wood, stone, concrete, metal, on condition of using the right drill bit. For more comfort of use, opt for a wireless drilling machine.

A circular saw is a powerful tool intended to realize straight and regular wooden cuts. It is essential for wood parquet floor cutting, wooden furniture creating… A plenty of different circular saws are available. Before you decide to buy one, it is advisable to determine the frequency of use: occasionally or intensively

In comparison with the circular saw, a jigsaw is lighter and more maneuverable. A jigsaw allows straight and rounded cuts in various types of materials: wood, PVC, plastic… if they are not too thick. In a similar way, it is preferable to be sure for which purpose you need a jigsaw before you purchase one.

A high pressure cleaner is essential for all cleaning and maintenance works in your outside areas: garden paths, terrace, low walls, facade or roofs. In addition, it can be used for cleaning your car, bike or boat. The important features to watch out are its power, its water pressure and its motor specifications.

Do-It-Yourself is obviously a leisure activity, but there are some safety rules to follow for a work without worry. Indeed, may an accident occur, it can have serious consequences. The most important thing to do is: to have the RIGHT EQUIPMENT!!!

For all your handling, construction, gardening, electricity works, it is recommended to wear safety shoes, to avoid painful and serious injuries. A safety shoe is intended to protect your feet against lacerations, crushings, skids, shocks and punctures.

For all sanding works or important cleaning works, it is advised to protect your lungs by wearing an anti-dusk mask.Moreover, if you are applying painting, varnishing or using strong chemicals, it is highly recommended to wear a respirator or a painting mask which will filter the solid and liquid particles as well as gaz according to the chosen model.

Hands are the most exposed body parts. Each type of work (Do-It-Yourself, cleaning, gardening…) threatens your hands and includes a risk of cuttings, frictions, burns, crushings… This is the reason why it is very important to protect your hands by purchasing the gloves suitable for all kind of activities.

By wearing safety glasses you protect your eyes against numerous risks: dust intrusion, small liquid or splinter projections, burns… especially during your woodworking, welding works… Choose your safety glasses according to the morphology of your face and the task to be made.